Descripción general

The twenty-first century economy is the most globalised in human history. We are living in a unique time to strengthen relations and international commerce and build more efficient regional economic blocs. In this exciting context, companies increasingly need professionals who bring international and global insights to understanding and leading business dealings. Our degree prepares you to become the international business go-to person able to advise companies and connect them with potential partners/suppliers from abroad, help them manage crises and drill down on consumers’ new purchase motivations.

In addition, you will find an up-to-the-minute approach to the curriculum, with a pathway dedicated to international sustainability and subjects such as Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship and International Business Intelligence.

Salidas profesionales

The Bachelor’s degree in International Business is one of the qualifications most sought-after by multinational companies, investment banks and foreign trade companies.

Perfil de acceso

You must complete our three-part admission test: Assessment of skills and attitudes towards intellectual work, English and merit assessment, where you can indicate everything related to your supplementary, professional and other educational experiences, such as volunteering, sport, etc.

Plan de estudios


  • Introduction to Economics and Business 1º Básica 6
  • Data Analysis 1º Básica 6
  • International Business Law 1º Básica 6
  • Contemporary Sociopolitical Context 1º Básica 6
  • International Business Communication 1º Obligatoria 6
  • International Relations and Geopolitics 2º Básica 6
  • International Business Environment 2º Básica 6
  • Introduction to international marketing 2º Básica 6
  • Introduction to Accounting and Financial Analysis 2º Básica 6
  • Culture and Business in Europe 2º Obligatoria 6


  • International Economics 3º Básica 6
  • Human Resources Management 3º Básica 6
  • Culture and Business in Latin America 3º Obligatoria 6
  • International Financial Planning 3º Obligatoria 6
  • International Market Research 3º Obligatoria 6
  • Modern Language 3º Obligatoria 6
  • International trade 4º Obligatoria 6
  • Decision making models 4º Obligatoria 6
  • Culture and Business in North America 4º Obligatoria 6
  • Investment analysis and valuation 4º Obligatoria 6


  • International Business Intelligence 5º Obligatoria 6
  • Taxation and sources of international financing 5º Obligatoria 6
  • Production and purchasing management 5º Obligatoria 6
  • Culture and Business in Africa 5º Obligatoria 6
  • International product, price and promotion decisions 5º Obligatoria 6
  • International Business Management 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Business Internationalisation Plan 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Culture and Business in MENA countries 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Culture and Business in Asia-Pacific region 6º Obligatoria 6
  • International distribution and logistics challenges 6º Obligatoria 6


  • Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7º Obligatoria 6
  • International Negotiation 7º Obligatoria 6
  • E-commerce 7º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 1 7º Optativa 6
  • Elective 2 8º Optativa 6
  • Elective 3 8º Optativa 6
  • External academic internships II 8º Prácticas Ext. 12
  • Thesis Project 8º TFM 12


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