Descripción general

You will learn to analyse, communicate, manage and advise public and private organisations on international issues in an increasingly globalised world. The curriculum will provide an all-round education in understanding and analysing the new reality and allow you to apply these skill sets across work environments that will require you to pivot to changes happening on the international stage.

This degree can also be completed with a specialisation in Law and Economics, Foreign Policy or International Security or enable you to dig deeper into Big Data, an essential tool in your career development going forwards.

Salidas profesionales

  • Self-employed consulting
  • Consulting within foundations, NGOs or multinationals
  • Head of cooperation and development projects
  • Head of institutional relations in companies
  • Civil servant in a supranational body
  • Diplomatic career
  • IGOs and foreign office of the State or EU
  • Civil servant in foreign affairs bodies and agencies with regional or local authorities
  • European Union Graduate Administrator
  • Civil servant in regional IGOs
  • Civil servant in global IGOs
  • State information and intelligence services analyst
  • Risk analyst in multinational companies- Companies engaged in international trade- Consulting and/or advising on international policy and/or international affairs
  • Advising on international security matters
  • Journalist specialising in international information
  • Head of communications at NGOs and IGOs
  • Consulting in development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects and actions
  • Participation in international programmes and projects in international and civil society organizations
  • Humanitarian or environmental activist
  • University lecturer
  • Teacher
  • Think-tank researcher or director

Perfil de acceso

You must complete our three-part admission test: Assessment of skills and attitudes towards intellectual work, English and merit assessment, where you can indicate everything related to your supplementary, professional and other educational experiences, such as volunteering, sport, etc.

Plan de estudios


  • Theories, concepts and debates of International Relations 1º Básica 6
  • Introduction to Law 1º Básica 6
  • Modern world history 1º Básica 6
  • Historical Evolution of Political Ideas 1º Básica 6
  • Sociology 1º Básica 6
  • Historical perspective of IR 2º Básica 6
  • English for International Relations and Business 2º Obligatoria 6
  • Contemporary Global Politics 2º Obligatoria 6
  • Fundamentals of Economics 2º Básica 6
  • Comparative Political Systems 2º Básica 6


  • Research methods and techniques in IR and Big Data 3º Obligatoria 6
  • International Political Economy 3º Básica 6
  • Public International Law 3º Básica 6
  • EU institutions and Policies 3º Obligatoria 6
  • Foreign policy analisis and diplomacy 3º Obligatoria 6
  • EU Law 4º Obligatoria 6
  • International Organizations 4º Obligatoria 6
  • World Geopolitics 4º Obligatoria 6
  • Communication Skills in IR and the Company 4º Obligatoria 6
  • Foreign Policy of Spain 4º Obligatoria 1


  • International Public Opinion and Communication 5º Obligatoria 6
  • International Security 5º Obligatoria 6
  • UN and Human Rights 5º Obligatoria 6
  • Religion in International Relations 5º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 1 5º Optativa 6
  • Public Diplomacy and Country Branding 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Innovation in the International Business Environment 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Regional Studies: Asia 6º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 2 6º Optativa 6
  • Elective 3 6º Optativa 6


  • Regional Studies: Africa 7º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 4 7º Optativa 6
  • Regional Studies: United States 7º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 5 7º Optativa 6
  • Elective 6 7º Optativa 6
  • Regional Studies: Latin America 8º Obligatoria 6
  • Elective 7 8º Optativa 6
  • Elective 8 8º Optativa 6
  • External academic internships 8º Prácticas Ext. 6
  • Thesis Project 8º TFG 6


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